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Disrupt or be disrupted.

Imagine that there would be access to information that is accessible to everyone in the world and through which everyone could decide for themselves to whom and when they disclose what information and data about themselves.

An absolute source of truth that stores events, assets and activities. A platform that makes it possible to handle different workflows directly between all involved parties without any intermediaries. This vision can be turned into reality with blockchain technology and puts collection-happy data Hydras in their place. Blockchain is changing how digital services are offered worldwide in all industries.
The future is now. Are you in?

Blockchain redefines rules. Either disrupt your business model, or be disrupted.


core-chain modules

core-chain technology enables you to quickly and easily create end-to-end professional solutions that are tailored to your needs. No stumbling blocks. No unnecessary applications. Only perfectly fitting modules that get to the root of the problem.

  • core-architecture
  • core-security
  • core-applications
  • core-fintech

Modules of the core-chain service layer


Blockchain as a Service

  • scalable 5'000 + TPS
  • cross chain capabilities
  • permissioned accounting
  • named accounts
  • smart contracts



  • openID Identity provider
  • digital service authentication
  • biometric identity
  • 2-factor authentication
  • secure custodian services



  • complex banking and payment distribution
  • virtual bank accounts
  • blockchain based SEPA
  • stable or currency/ asset backed coins
  • tokenizing of any asset


dApps - smart contracts

  • distributed apps
  • enterprise ready platform
  • smart contracts in C++
  • upgradeable contracts
  • marketplace for dApps