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Complex banking made easy

Payment automation

Payment distribution, virtual bank accounts, blockchain based SEPA.

Payment automation removes manual activities from the last step of the AP process to complete the entire cycle. This creates a better connection between your purchase-to-pay system and your payment solution and increases your level of automation.

Your benefits:

  • Faster cycle times, operational efficiencies
  • Reduction of errors and duplicate payments
  • Fraud prevention
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Better cost structure due to reduced expenses

Real-time fraud detection and highest security standards

The anti-money laundering (AML) legislation was created with the signing of the BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) in 1970. Ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements is a major challenge for financial institutions around the world. In-house compliance departments monitor every step, but despite all efforts, the financial services industry has been fined $26 billion to date.

core-chain has integrated real-time fraud detection and the highest security standards into the service level. This enables us to automatically check national and international payment flows in real time with enhanced security checks. We will be happy to explain to you in a personal conversation which of our instruments are best suited for you.